Go West

A creature of habit, my shopping habits are very simple – if I think I can get the most bang for the buck, calculating at the register cost-per-wear, I buy it. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, this theory works out in my favor. A pair of killer shoes on sale that I will wear over and over again? Yes. The pair of ripped jeans that I can’t take off my body? Remember, denim is the fabric of our generation. The Kanye West sweatshirt that sells for a mere $19.00 that I sleep in, and wear to Fashion Week?  I sing the Blame Game. “Who taught you how to put some mother freakin’ Jimmy Choos on?”  Yeezy taught me. Yup, Yeezy taught me well. It all comes down to buying the things you love while radiating your individual style.

Down below see a fashion week post that is pertinent for this coming week. A cabbie hat swiped from the photographer, a trusty denim shirt, a statement necklace, skinny leather pants, and sneakers will one hundred percent transcend beyond the boundaries of fashion month.

And why not insert some K for Kool in your look? Case in point: there’s an art to dressing “like the cool mom” as my own kids would tell it. And you don’t have to shut it down in a leather mini-dress like Beyoncé did at the Superbowl. You can strut quietly. No smiling allowed. And it goes like this.



Photography: Mark Colbran

I’m wearing an Attitude Cabbie Hat, otherwise go for the Topman beanieWarby Parker sunnies, J. Crew denim shirt, Kanye Sweatshirt, Elizabeth and James leather leggings, and Isabel Marant sneakers which I may never take off my feet. Accessories by Dannijo, Philip Plein skull bag, and a Kal Reiman herringbone vest, get a similar one here.

And to shut it down, you need to causally cradle that cup of joe.


And for the winning detail shots where the light was just perfect.




And there you have it. Starting on Wednesday, I will be posting my usual FW updates live stream via Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned. Happy Monday!

Get the look here:

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