From the Back Row: an ode to New York greatness

Fashion Week is rapidly descending upon NYC. I can feel the energy escalating. It is the craziest time of year with hundreds of fashion shows all over the city. For those of you veteran New Yorkers, you know what I mean. As a newbie blogger, I am so grateful for having received over 30 invitations to shows and credentials throughout Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. No, I won’t have a front row seat—-that’s reserved for Anna Wintour, and the throngs of celebrities, but inside the tents is where you’ll find me at some the year’s top shows reporting back to you with all of the 411. Yes, I am mindful of the show’s fashion hierarchy where seating arrangements are a game of chess and egos are the pawns. Blogger relations are still relatively new territory for many fashion brands, and bloggers still need to prove that they are committed to their craft to make an impression on the fashion world. I must veer off here for a second and give a big cheer to the NY Giants total committment to their craft. With dedication and perseverance they won the Super Bowl title last night. They were as committed as a team could be and it won them an incredible championship.

Committed? Yes I am. I will post the very best coverage, and as quickly as possible. I will be tweeting up a storm before and during the shows, and have fun while it’s happening. That is when the anticipated serendipity happens. You run into a fellow blogger, eat a bag of   Popchips (the snacks du  jour), drink lots of coffee, and let the good times roll. Life is packed with things you have to do, like march in the Giants Ticker Tape parade, but sometimes you need to live a little. Ferris Bueller inspo. Check. √

Speaking of living a little I just inherited a new photographer, Charlie Grosso, who has inspired me to do just that. All photos taken outside The Smile.

Jacket, Thakoon. Skinny pants, Rag and Bone. Hat, Rag and Bone, booties, Stella McCartney



bag, Pour La Victoire

ring, Marcia Moran. Available at Tru Grace Fashion Lounge.

Check back with me on Thursday for my first fashion week post. Visit back every night of fashion week for my brief reports on the shows, trends, and a sneak peek of my ensemble that I have been planning to wear for weeks. I will then move quickly into auto pilot and furiously live on my iPad. I really don’t want to feel alone in a crowd. Anyone with me?

Fasten your seat belts. I’m going to eat my Wheaties and take loads of vitamins. Here we go. See ya Thursday!

 All photos: Charlie Grosso

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