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Four Trends to Know for Fall

fall trends

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Capes: Sacai Luck military style khaki / BCBG Color-block / Burberry two-tone wool and cashmere blend / Michael Michael Kors camel cable knit poncho

JewelsCharlotte Russe stackable rings / Alex Mika mismatched earrings / Oscar de la Renta earrings / Topshop arm cuffs

Pants: Alexa Chung for AG trousers / Tom Ford high rise denim flares / Topshop ecru white ripped jeans

Shoes: Rochas fur blocked heel / Gucci fur-lined leather clogs / Fendi leather pumps with silver fox / Burberry fur-lined black boots

Trends come and go and fashion lovers around the globe can debate to no end the merits of which trends should stay and which should never be worn past the runway. At the onset of a new season, there are a few looks that are astonishingly appealing, and some that seem a little contrived. Sometimes its the offbeat shoe, the artisan-designed bag, or the dramatic pants that are highly coveted and become trends while we weren’t paying attention.

I have done some dirty work for you and included below a quick round-up of four of the hottest fall trends on and around the interweb and my thoughts as to whether or not to jump on board.

Capes (yes, capes) as Outerwear

One of the most standout pieces from 2015’s fall outerwear is the cape and WWD outlines this in depth. This is one of those looks that appeared on the runway and get overlooked by the average consumer who’s keeping an eye out for something a little closer to home. But the fact is, capes as outerwear are all over the place, as WWD noted, they are sometimes long and dramatic, or weatherproof and functional.

The real surprise in this trend, is how vast the variety of capes are out there in the marketplace. If you’ve never had one in your wardrobe, a cape sounds pretty straightforward. But in reality, it’s different in all it’s variations. Some are hooded, some have patterns, some have sleeves, all in a wide range of different materials.

My Verdict: As the dominant piece of outerwear in your wardrobe, you may want to opt for something a little more traditional, such as some of the chic parkas featuring prominently in the season’s collections. Think of it as a fun fashion statement piece to break out now and then. I prefer the long and dramatic piece over the weatherproof and functional.

High-Waisted Pants

The most stylish women often get by through most of the fall and winter with a few favorite pairs of jeans and a few nice dresses for more formal occasions. But if you want to add some panache with regard to bottoms, an ultra-high-waisted look with a 70’s flair is far and away the most prominent look in 2015 collections and on the runways.

As many have discovered for themselves, this can be a very difficult style to shop for, but Cosmopolitan has an interesting solution. Find a nice pair of pants that fits your hips and butt just perfectly, and then have them taken in above so that they fit  your natural waist. The result tends to have a slimming effect that many will find appealing.

My Verdict: It’s a very stylish look, but one that’s hard to get just right (even going Cosmo’s way). It might feel a little strange at first, but go for it! I always stock up on cozier, simpler alternatives as well.

Inventive Jewelry

This is just the best term to sum up some of the jewelry ideas that are making the rounds. The trend seems to be toward the bold, chic, and slightly bizarre: metal cuffs, tassel earrings, low-hanging pendants, and even cuffed earrings are dominating fashion collections, often with faux gemstones or in bright yellow gold.

My favorite piece is the double ring, which Elle singled out as this fall’s prevailing trend in finger jewelry. When overdone, these pieces can be a little bit cumbersome, and you certainly don’t want them looking like brass knuckles! Alternatively, however, you can find fairly small, simple double rings that look elegant. Lyst even has an exclusive look at these rings: silver, meant for two fingers, and adorned with faux pearls. It is pretty enough to be worn at the next wedding you attend, and available for a steal.

My Verdict: Double rings and inventive jewelry are simply pure fun.

Furry Shoes

As with outerwear and jewelry, there are plenty of footwear concepts going around, as well as some common staples that  work every year. Frankly, your ordinary boots and heels will do you just fine on a daily basis. But if you really want to dive in to something cool and new for fall, the best way to do so is with a pair of heels, wedges, clogs, boots, etc. with fur on the outside.

This was already an increasingly popular trend before Hollywood Life pointed to a cluster of A-list celebrities sporting it in different styles, and now it’s sure to gain even more momentum. The most common type of shoe within this mini-category appears to be a heel with a little tuft of faux fur on the toe, but there are also a lot of clogs going around with full fur exteriors.

My Verdict: This is the best fashion trend of the fall. Period.

Plenty of other ideas are showing up in articles and look books for the seasons ahead, but these are four of the trends to keep in mind when doing your Fall shopping. Use them well, and you’ll look sharp. Guaranteed.

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