Fast Fashion

Our closets house our most prized possessions from that vintage Gucci bag your mom bought you over 10 years ago, to the designer frocks that we take the utmost care of. Our closets should be a safe haven where you find what you love, whether old or new, that fill voids known amongst the strongly devoted fashionistas. But sometimes our favorite room has the capacity to catapult us into a frenzy thinking “we have nothing to wear.”

I have many of these mornings where I peek in to my closet just to exit in utter frustration. Especially when it is  packed to the brim, collecting cobwebs. On that note, I hope most of you donated some of those unwanted clothes to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I gave 5 garbage bags filled with clothes that I know will go to a great cause. Now my closet is spartan and my heart is full.

Now that your closet is all cleaned out, it’s time to fill it up with fresh garb. Inspired by Diana Vreeland’s now defunct Harper’s Bazaar column “Why Don’t You?” from the documentary The Eye Has to Travel, do something different. Add some yellow? Or blue? Or oxblood red tights to your wardrobe, for dirt cheap?? To aid you in becoming a style sleuth, I am donating this page to doing trends on ephemeral fast fashion. A far cry from secondhand, glance below at what might spark your fancy.

mac + jac chiffon dress and sweater (available at JC Penney) get a similar one here. Topshop blazer, Topshop tights, Castaner sandals.

And while you’re dressing up, have fun while you’re at it. Hop on a bike in the same color as your outfit. And place it in front of a sculpture in said color. Did I plan it that way? No, it just happened to be waiting for me to pose in front of it. For real.

I know Zara is for lovers, but there are other fish to fry in the sea. Try it on. And fast, before it disappears and you’re onto the next best thing.

The End.

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