Fashion’s Favorite Skirt Length

midi skirt
fashion's favorite skirt length
agnes b
At first blush, the midi-skirt might seem like a challenging length. After all, it’s the same length as the kind of prom dresses school deans would approve of, graduation gowns, and button-front sundresses. Midi-skirts are adult-approved clothing that is about as cool as Vitamin D milk. But, midis have replaced maxi dresses, micro dresses, and below-the-knee skirts as the hem length du jour because of a very simple reason: they hit your leg at the skinniest part of your ankle. Therefore, giving you an extra visual boost in height. Take note, the midi skirt is having its moment in the sun. as fashion’s favorite skirt length.

Fashion’s Favorite Skirt Length Even for Petites

To wear them, you’ve got to extricate yourself from the mindset in which midi equals matronly. With the right design details, worn with the right shoes, and the right top tucked in the right way, it can immediately become a fashion-week-worthy ensemble.
fashion's favorite skirt length

Ermanno Scervino jacket

Little Lifner bag

Agnes b. skirt

Weekend Attire 

Need more proof? Take a look at the pics for inspiration of  how to wear the midi skirt worn according to the same formula. But with sneakers and a neck scarf. A skirt is an easy way to let the week flow, especially when it’s hot out. I am wearing more skirts this summer than shorts, and with ease. The looks below speak for themselves.
fashion's favorite skirt length
midi skirt
fashion's favorite skirt length
Fashion's favorite skirt length
 all white bag
white t shirt, scarf, and skirt all agnes b.


photos: Bri Elledge

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