End of Summer

Keeping up with current events at the end of August can be taxing and preposterous. From following who will be the next mayoral candidates of New York, to upheavals in Egypt and Iran, birthing Pandas, photos of Baby North, and models suing magnates over getting the herpes virus, it’s probably good to unplug, and take some time off now and then. Stop the noise. Stop the chatter. Let your left brain and right brain fuse.

I am bringing all these things up to point out that you can be selective about what you worry about in August. It’s summertime. The living should be easy. Sometimes, if you relax, things just work themselves out. For instance, it feels liberating to take time off of the job, household responsibilities, and even putting on makeup and getting dressed on a daily basis. Here is what I did all week, using action verbs.

BTW, all photos below taken with the iPhone 5.

1. Read my book and tried to tackle the 5 pound September issues with a vengeance.


photo copy 2

photo copy 32. Captured the setting sun every night.


3. Made a delicious vegetarian salad with all local ingredients (recipe from Food and Wine)

photo copy 5

4. Ate a lobster roll. Because sometimes you have to go off the grid.

5. Watched a midnight showing of The Butler with Forrest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. Their performances were truly on point.

Sadly, vacations end, summer tan lines fade, and unless you’re inheriting at least 20 million from a dead relative in the next year or so, you will actually have to get back to work. The good news is, we’re less than two weeks away from the initiation of New York Fashion Week which will unveil the Spring/Summer 2014 collections over the course of what will inevitably feel like a marathonic seven days.

photo copy 3

Stay tuned for my Pre-Fashion Week cleanse, and how I’m gearing up for the Olympics.

photo copy 6


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