Blue Crush

Now that we can peel off our winter layers and revel in the fact that today will be in the mid-50’s!, spring has finally sprung. My closet is as clean as a whistle, and although I wonder what mother nature will pull on us next week, I won’t put away my lightweight coats just yet.

The good news is, I can finally see what has been hiding in the back of my closet, now that I have some space. The state of this affair always had the added bonus of finding fresh new pieces to fill that empty space. If that was the motivation behind my cleaning, so be it. Somebody, somewhere will be happy to own my stuff.

My threads have had to deal with the shock of normcore, and now they are going into garbage bags into somebody else’s blank box. Welcome to consciously uncoupling.

Now onto the topic of shopping, my drug of choice, how can I add my favorite pieces without breaking the bank? I like to raid other people’s closets for those special pieces that I am crushing on. I have a crush on all things blue, iridescent, and denim and want to add those basics to the mix. I recently purchased the Phoebe jean, and love the extra long cuff on the bottom. Paired with a pair of sandals, lose the jacket, it’s the perfect combo for the warmer months.

Blue faux fur

blue denim

blue faux fur

 marolli blue jacket, bag and top // MiH jeans // fitbit // rag & bone booties // gabriella artigas necklace

iridescent bag

blue denim

 photos: Lydia Hudgens

 Shop the look here:

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