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Best Coats on The Cheap

best coats on the cheap

best coats on the cheap


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What gets you out of bed in the morning? Because the weather is so crappy, for me, it’s the promise of a new day, coffee, and a great sale.  New Yorkers brave the cold every winter where the subzero temps aren’t something to take lightly. Right now it’s snowing and below 35 degrees. Because its so cold, its the coats that get me every December. While I don’t need another pair of shoes, another bag, or coatthey are much cheaper than they were before. This should not be confused with cheap, but I am a true sucker for the psychological thrill of feeling like you’re getting deal even when you’re not. I can’t explain why, but isn’t it enough to justify to your friends and family that you got a deal? How to find the best coats on the cheap? Here is my guide.

In the coat sphere, all shapes and styles coats are welcome for the winter months.

In the past, my decisions based on coats that went on sale, guided me to purchase faux fur, shearling, long coats, vests and everything in between. I’ve purchased 95% of them on sale. Since I love outerwear, I find that coats can change the course of an outfit. Hence the coat is the star of the season. Much like a positive attitude can change the course of your day, its win-win. Most noteworthy, I’m committing myself to a single sale purchase and making a charitable contribution of One Warm Coat for the homeless. Buy one, give one away. It seems like a great motto for the holiday season!

Here are the top coats on sale for winter right now

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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