Beanie Hunting: Street Style edition

Contrary to popular belief, the beanie has never eclipsed. The now ubiquitous hat, seen all over the streets in cities likes New York, London, and even gasp, suburbia!, is very similar in nature to comfort food. In colder climes, you know it feels good to eat oatmeal, so you keep doing it. Same truth goes to the indispensable use of the beanie. It is a discreet arbiter of cool.

From the concrete jungles of New York and London’s Fashion Week, peep down below to spark your imagination. It is sure to be landing in Milan and Paris as we speak. I especially like Kate Lanphear’s, T Style Director, (fourth one down) spiky black number. It takes the typical black beanie to a whole other level.







The beanie accomplishes several things. Number one, it conceals any notion of attempting to master perfectly coiffed hair. Who has the time to spare these days on straight ironing every strand  of  hair on a daily basis? Two, whatever is über-popular with the beatniks cum hip Brooklynites will probably never go out of style. And finally, number three, it really does keep your bean warm, fighting mother nature’s brutal outdoor elements of winter. I like the bright blue one featured below with the ironic Rebel sweatshirt.


Photos: Tommy Ton

I have been wearing beanies for many years, and most recently added a few new options to my repertoire. The neon beanie made a strong statement at Fashion Week, making headlines like “model off-duty Cara Delevingne sits front row and wears beanie at Rihanna’s recent show in London.”

Here she is, so grunge-chic donning a red one.


The ultimate purveyor of cool-kid swag, the beanie reigns supreme.  No longer recherché, beanies make our bed head look deliberately tousled, and they’re the perfect casual accessory. Here’s me, pre-fashion week with my ivory beanie. I never take this one off, even in my sleep.



Wearing Warby Parker sunnies, find a similar pair here,  Eugenia Kim beanie, LnA flannel shirt, Calypso slouchy sweater, find a similar one here, Dannijo bib necklace, and Burberry wool overcoat.

Photos: Alex 

 Stay tuned for more on where to buy…Happy Friday!

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