Beach Days

Fashion credits: Le Soleil dress,  Serpui Marie bag, Sensi Studio hat

Borgioni skull braceletChan Luu bracelets, Alexander McQueen bracelet, King Baby bracelet,

Canfora sandals. 

So glad to see spring’s fickle self again. Saturday I was wearing nothing but a tee shirt and shorts, and today’s high after yesterday’s soaker, is barely  making it into the 50’s. I call it spring’s surprise. Weather fail. As my fair skin peels off its layers of memories, I reminisced that just a few weeks ago, that same skin was soaking in the rays whilst listening to the waves crash on a sunny beach in the Bahamas. It’s hard to be back in NYC trying to get my groove back but I know a post titled “Beach Dreams” should be a motivating factor as we look towards the months ahead and wonder what to buy early for that weekend getaway. Remember those early mornings when you know it is going to be a near-perfect beach day, and you forego your job, family, life in general, and just hit the beach? I know I do. Those days are few and far between but summer is around the corner and the possibilities seem endless. Here I am plastered in Pink Sands Resort, Harbour Island, one of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Imagine 2 boats and a 2 plane rides later, you are literally transported to a land of a 3-mile stretch of pink sand heaven. Unspoiled, secluded, and utterly stunning, Pink Sands Resort is the ultimate get-away for singles and/or families. FYI, I am not being paid to write this post. Just take a look.

The bylines for these photos go something like this: what steamed conch was I going to eat, when I was going to get my raspberry iced tea (remember the pink post) and where I was going to catch the best sunset. Wheels via golf cart, the islands primary mode of transportation. Not a bad ride.  Here is Harbour Island town– all but 3 blocks long, and so damn cute.

From lunch to sundown, I slope around on this golf cart, the late-afternoon March sun a mellow crimson fury. Pink houses, pink sunsets, pink beaches. Here is my road trip.

KAS New York dress, K Jacques sandals, Kara Ross NY bag

My hope for you is that you use these photos as inspiration as spring segues into summer. Of all the mental bits you take away from this, its the colors of the sky, the beaches, and, of course, my outfits that should leave you wanting more. Did I mention that I am selling some of my fashionable goods on Copious. Its a great site for those of you in the market for a fresh purchase without the price tag. Find me I’m here—-Copious

 Stay dry my friends–and enjoy your Monday and don’t forget to start stocking up on sunblock! Mmmm…is that bbq I smell?

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