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Fall is a great time to both enjoy the city and escape to the country. Barbour hosted a blogger event at the Orvis Sandanona Shooting Grounds to experience the essence of Barbour and country life where myself along with a host of other bloggers were suited up for a “day in the country.” I knew I would be well-dressed for the #BarbourExperience, clearly I was unsure of what I was getting into. What an experience it was! Barbour sent us out to explore nature, shoot some guns, and learn how to fly fish. I think I was made for the outdoors, yet I am such a city girl.


Wearing: Barbour waxed jacket

Mother jeans

Hunter boots

After eating a delicious lunch at the Sandanona Shooting grounds we were off to skeet shoot. There is certainly a learning curve to shooting clay. I missed the first two, but once I got the hang of it, hit the last few, surprisingly way better than expected.


barbour experience

Next, we hopped in the truck and learned how to fly fish. Without the fish. It was just practice. We just whipped our poles back and forth and sang any song with the word “whip” in it. Learning a new skill is always a good idea. Check.



Then it was time to test my driving skills as an off roader in a new 2016 Land Rover. It was terrifying and awesome at the same time. My co-driver was scared that I was driving. The entire car was so sideways you could touch the ground without having to reach your hand out the window. Yeah, it was scary.

Range Rover

After that it was time for a much needed glass of vino and some snacks to tide us over for the long bumpy bus ride ahead. It was a fun little day trip out of the city where I learned new skills, made new friends, and dressed accordingly. I also took away some very interesting information about the brand and learned that the 5th generation family owned business remains in the read, with Barbour’s headquarters located in Simonside, South Shields. Although they source products from around the globe, Barbour’s classic wax jackets are still manufactured by hand in the factory in Simonside. Barbour is one of the few companies that remains true to its core values as a family business which espouses the unique values of the British Countryside and brings the qualities of wit, grit and glamour to its beautifully functional clothing. Cheers to that!

Barbour experience

Thank you so much to Barbour for having me!

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