Bag Envy

As a break from the weekly Five Foot Summer Series on the Fashion Hunter, my eyes have been going towards the new “It” bags that have been gracing fashion magazines and appeared back in the spring. They suddenly feel so fresh. I am currently taking notes on the graceful beautifully-crafted creation that is the “Le Dix” handbag, and other small handheld bags.

Currently obsessed with the new modern lines from Alexander Wang’s new collection for Balenciaga, the bags have the structure and the statement, without plastering its name all over its front cover. I’m all about discretion these days. I get it, I really do.


Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

As soon as Wang was declared for Balenciaga, fashion pundits predicted the end of the studs and zips and actually, that feels kind of right. Cristobel Balenciaga was a game-changer who challenged conventional fashion wisdom with bold, stark shapes. Alexander Wang’s new bag designs feel more in keeping with Mr. Balenciaga’s architectural approach. No longer a fan of the shoulder strap, and oversized clunky bags, this bag and similar ones in the market are going back to the basics.

“Le Dix,” which means the number “10” in French, alludes to both the house’s history (the site of the original Balenciaga salon is 10 avenue George V) and the bag’s singular design and quality; hence, a perfect-10.

Though one might be inclined to tag this bag as “boring”, unike the edgy Wang girl, the Balenciaga woman is appreciative of impeccable tailoring and innovation. And these pieces have all of that going on, non?


Balenciaga bag. Image by Style.Com

Sanit-Laurent-Black-Classic-Duffle-24-BagSaint Laurent classic duffel

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