winter uniform

A Winter Uniform

I have been very lazy lately.

And by lazy, I don’t mean not getting things done, and not checking things off the list. I mean in the fashion department.

I have been wearing the same boring look day in and day out. My winter uniform consists of a turtleneck, a faux fur jacket, boots or pointy-toe flats, and a pair of jeans. #Normcore to say the least. Maybe it’s the lack of inspiration or just that these wears are comfortable. Either way it’s a good thing to not have to think about what I will put on every morning.

Rather, it’s actually refreshing.

faux fur

Asos coat / Theory turtleneck / Topshop jeans / Saint Laurent black duffle bag / Touch gloves / Lanvin point toe flats

black faux fur

black Saint Laurent bag

black Lanvin flats

Saint Laurent bag

black faux fur

Shop the outfit here:

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