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I was recently introduced to a new fashion label, The Fib Store. The brainchild behind the brand is Brazilian businesswoman Irma Alves. Irma is multi-talented woman who majored in International Relations in Rio De Janiero and received a Master’s Degree at the University Pierre Mendes Grenoble Fr., Advanced Diplomacy at Johns Hopkins, International Law, and sustainable development and clean energy in Geneva. But no, that wasn’t enough. Irma decided to to be a partner in the UN and diplomat of her own line of clothing, the Fashion Inclusive Brazil. As the Fashion Hunter, I am always on the hunt for a label to know, and when I met Irma I understood her passion.

Here are 3 answers to the burning questions I had for Irma when we met over lunch last week.

1. You will be showing your designs in Geneva at the end of the month. What do you hope for the brand?
The goal is to show that Africa has a lot to offer in the fashion arena, and by promoting their culture, more income will be generated.  Other designers that are showing are the Brazilian designer Italo Zanetti and more than 15 designers from Morocco, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

2. How does your culture play a role in your designs? I have divided my time between Rio De Janeiro, where my family resides, Portugal, and Geneva. I grew up in Rio De Janeiro— a city with a lot of tradition and ethnic diversity. This mixture of cultures result in a rich blend of colors, music and spices. My designs are sexy without baring too much and reflect the outdoor culture of Rio de Janiero.

Here are some designs from the FIB Store, a label to know.

Label to Know

A Label to Know

Label to Know

3. Your plan is to have an online presence which is so important in fashion these days, especially with the influence of social media and instagram. Once your brand gets worldwide recognition, what is next for you?

When I go onto Instagram and see women I admire wearing my clothing, I feel so flattered. But I feel pressure as well. My next thought is, how can I create the next piece that they will want to wear?

Stay tuned for the Africa Fashion Show on May 27 and 28th in Geneva to loan your support!

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