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A Day in the Life During New York Fashion Week

Now that New York Fashion Week has come and gone, it is important to note that the fashion train doesn’t stop. The first stop on the fashion bus was London with stops in Milan, and finally now, Paris. In some ways I enjoy the ride. The non-stop chaos, changing clothes more than twice a day, and seeing friends from both far and near. I don’t keep my daily regular dose of eating healthy food and exercise, but it’s only for a short while. And that’s a good thing. The bottom line is, it’s just fashion. And at the end of the day, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Here is a day in the life during fashion week.

7:10 a.m. Rise and Shine New York. I have no time to write daily blog posts so all of this fashion will have to wait, which makes me so uneasy. What if I forget? Oh yeah, I have pictures on my phone and instagram updates as memories.

8 a.m. Getting in shower. Coffee on. I wish I could wear a T-shirt and jeans but that wouldn’t be a great idea on the first day of shows. I am going to have a yogurt with fruit with sliced almonds on top because that breakfast will last me at least until lunchtime. Here is my fist look of the day, a navy dress with contrasting collar, and white sandals. Because it’s still Summer according to the calendar.

navy A-line dress

Dress Maison Kitsune /  Dolce Vita sandals

9:35 a.m. Headed out the door to see The Supima Design show, and Desigual at two different locations.






2 p.m. I am starving. After the show, I grab a bite with my friend Liz and we take pictures of each other for proof of what we are wearing. Duh, bloggers.

2:20 p.m. I am sick of my outfit so I change into a dark floral dress and black boots. Because it works with everything.

dark floral

Girls on Film dress / Jacquie Aiche choker / Acne boots

3 p.m. I head over to Tess Giberson, one of my favorite shows every season. I want everything in her new collection.

Tess Giberson

Tees Giberson

Tess Giberson

4 p.m. Totally wiped already and I haven’t eaten that much. Time to grab a granola bar and refuel. Try as I might, I can’t get to all the shows so I check my instagram feed to see what’s going on. I head over to see Edie Parker’s new bags which I love.

Also got to pop into see Natori, Malan Breton. Good brands to know about.

7 p.m. Had a press preview on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel. Always a great place to check out this city that we call home. Whoa.

top of the standard hotel

8 p.m. Had a bottle of water in my purse, courtesy of Sakara which I was thankful for.


9 p.m. Took my poor husband, dressed in a suit to the Timo Weiland / Hue launch to say hi to fellow friends, grab a drink, and call it a night. Kudos to Timo Weiland, I love these tights.

10:40 p.m. In bed watching Transparent, my favorite show right now. Going to kill somebody is  I don’t get a piece of chocolate.

11 p.m. Crashed whilst watching this show. Didn’t have time to wash my face. Another day is on the horizon.


Timo Weiland 

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