A Chocolate-Scented Scarf

There is not a piece of chocolate that I don’t like. Whether it’s a slab of 70% cacao dark chocolate from the jungle, or a decadent Hershey Kiss, I am in the majority in my love for chocolate. But instead of eating your calories, how about smelling them? We are creeping up on summer, and bikinis right? Fashion meet chocolate. Sound weird, a chocolate-scented scarf? Sure, but hear me out.

Magnum Ice Cream and global fashion brand BCBGMAXAZRIA have joined forces to create the world’s first (purposefully, at least) chocolate scented scarf—the silky, chocolate-scented wearable wrap. The scent is incorporated into the garment using scent messaging technology, called oNotes, which allows users to curate fragrances and send them to friends. This is just the beginning of another step combing technology with fashion. I don’t know if this will appeal to everybody’s olfactory glands, but soon there might be many combinations to come. T-shirts and bananas anyone?

Magnum Ice Cream BCBG

The insight at play here is that scent can transform the way you feel, and chocolate is a pleasure scent (duh). And when the “decadent aroma” is matched with the rich colors and smooth textures of the design (inspired by a melting Magnum bar), the wrap is due to create a “Magnum Effect” for the wearer—the same sense of pleasure one experiences when eating a Magnum bar, breathing in the sweet aroma of rich, Belgian chocolate. If that doesn’t sound choco-tastic to you, then I don’t know what does. Yes, this is a scarf that both looks and smells like chocolate.

The wrap will be available as a limited edition gift with purchase in select US-based BCBG stores this summer.

BCBG Scarf

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BCBG chocolate scarf

BCBG chocolate scarf

BCBG scarf

BCBG scarf

BCBG scarf

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