A Blank Page

On the most auspicious day of the year to take a yoga class, it was the un-asana-filled New Year’s Day experience that was one of the most challenging classes I ever up-dogged through. Physically challenging whilst upside down in a head stand, yes. But it was more than that. It was emotionally draining ie: a meditative class which had me fidgeting while cross-legged, eyes closed on my sticky mat. The teacher was giving us creative visualization cues: Write the book you want to write for 2013. Start a new chapter. Breathe. Be curious like a child. Begin every day with a blank page. Silence. I did my duly 5 minutes worth of exploring my dark fears, and came up with a few attainable resolutions to achieve in 2013.

Resolutions are overrated see: lose 10 pounds, win the Lottery, be less repulsive, quit smoking, etc. Blame it on Gwyneth’s impossible combination of beauty, poise, and strength. Blame It On The Boogie. Whatever you do, set small goals. It is a far superior formula for a win-win situation. Small victories are way better than big sheer disappointments.

Here’s my aspirations for 2013. A consolidated tangible checklist. I resolve to…

1. Procrastinate less, accomplish more.


Easily distracted away from the task at hand, I vow to focus more, ADD #FAIL. Already the first few days of January suggest that I am on the road to recovery. Being more productive improves the mind and the increases the chances of success.

2. Fret less, laugh more.


I am blessed with beautiful friendships, an awesome family, and my health. It’s the little things, like most being able to master a perfectly lined eye that drive me over the edge. I think laughing if off is the best medicine in the world.

3. Eat less sugar, inhale more kale.

Insert {photo of ripped abs here}

It’s your body and what you put in it makes all the difference in how you feel. Screw the studies. If you embrace kale, ban the alcohol, eat your veggies, and cut the carbs, (barring the mini monthly Melissa cupcake ritual), you’ll feel like Kourtney Kardashian in no time. All in moderation folks.

4. Stop imagining, start living.


Fashion credits: Hat Attack grey felt fedora, Tibi white blouse, Isabel Marant scarf, Elizabeth and James vest,  J.W. Anderson cigarette pant, Keds leopard kicks.

And who better to mystify this process than myself. I want to stop imagining new projects and go out and do them. I love styling, something I truly enjoy doing. Dressing windows. Making people happy. It’s the detail in the styling that gives the look verisimilitude. I really do like hats and the different roles they play.

I love writing my blog. Looking back at my posts from the past year I think its safe to say I don’t know how to dress normal anymore. Oh, and I have decided to add picking up a new book every few weeks as my brain fuel challenge FTW.

5. Talk less, listen more.


All photos: ROCKING Michael Crook. And the team. Makeup, Daniel Wiener. Hair, Sarah Pierre. Shot on location in Brooklyn, NY.

Stay true to myself. Be courageous and bold for its own sake. An open mind and open heart creates wonder and improvement.  I hope to empower others to do the same. Figuring WTF you want to do with your life is more than half the battle.

Happy 2013! Cheers! The End.



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