Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend Packing Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here and it’s time to pack those bags. Between beach vacations, day trips, barbeques and parties you’ll need the proper armor to keep you looking flawless. The weather may not be cooperating but when the calendar says mid-May, it’s a sign to get your T-shirts,... Read More

Gone skiing

Just kidding! I’m not ready for the Memorial Day weekend. I don’t think I will ever be so-called ready: my body is able, yet my skin is pale. But let’s forget the beach and BBQ for a minute, let’s embrace what Memorial Day weekend is all about. What to pack,... Read More

Summer Lovin

It’s always on Memorial Day weekend that I reflect back on past summers. I wonder if they were everything I had imagined they would be. Did I check off my goals (See: books read, surfing lessons accomplished, drinks inhaled, Panama hats worn, friendships renewed, sunscreen bottles used)? Or, were my... Read More