Dress it Up

Fall is officially here. It was just last week that I wore this outfit at a high of 80 degrees in October. It was such a treat. This weekend was nearing the freezing mark so there goes wearing a T-shirt outside. But wait! The concept I started writing is still the same. Take a white T- shirt, and instead of throwing on a pair of jeans, dress it up! It makes me feel so much better about walking out the door when I dress sharp like a lady.

The best fashion tips I have been given are to reach high and above your comfort zone and see what happens. For example, take a classic white shirt and throw a jumper over it. Add ruffles! Minimal doesn’t have to be boring. Life is too short for boring. It’s all in the details, the accessories that make this or any outfit pop. In the shots below, the lace details in this lace skirt that makes this look not boring.

Scroll down below to see how to dress it up

Dress it up

Isabel Marant T-Shirt

Nicholas K navy blue skirt

Dress it up

Add a pop of color that match with the falling leaves. How about yellow or orange? My toe polish matches my bag in this bright fun yellow. Although I might not continue to wear white sandals, I would throw a jacket over this top, and throw on a pair of these fall versions instead.

dress it up

Stella McCartney bag, SHOP SIMILAR

Givenchy heels

black choker, gold sunnies 

As powerful as bright accessories are, its just as important to wear a stylish watch. I discovered this brand Christian Paul on instagram and I love the classic black version that I wore here. I love the simple style that looks good with anything I wear.

dress it up

Christian Paul watches,  exact watch here

Chanel coco rush ring
dress it up

dress it up

Photos: Ian Crumm