June 2015

Bare Shoulders

I have been wearing a variety of off-the-shoulder tops now that summer is here. They have a way of turning heads even though this simple boho style has been around for long time. Although baring your shoulders are the perfect top for the streets and the office, especially when it... Read More

Three Outfits to Steal for The Weekend

Weekend is upon us and you’re in weather-confused limbo – what do you wear? There comes a time, and it usually happens on a summer Friday when you don’t have the drive, nor the desire to get dressed in the morning. You just want to stay in your pyjamas and... Read More

Summer Outfit Inspiration

Welcome to summer. Yeah, It’s finally here. After this past nightmare of a winter, all I want to do is sweat. It’s jut the beginning of this short sweet season and there is so much to look forward to, those high noons, and magical sunsets. But, let’s face it: Getting... Read More

Packing Light for A Weekend Trip

I’m heading out east for Father’s Day weekend and my head spins when I think about what to pack. Every time I go away for a weekend, I tend to overpack which ruins trips. I have a hard time picking out what it is I want to wear as I... Read More

The Case For Vintage Denim

The Monday blues settle in after a great long summer weekend when the last thing you can imagine doing is heading to work. For me, wearing my current favorite pair of vintage denim, that I found at a thrift shop for $.99, is my answer to extending that vacation feeling.... Read More

Off The Shoulder Tops

Could this be the end of plunging cleavages, boob hugging tops, and cropped tees? Probably not, BUT it is the dawn of yet another bare-it-all trend, this time though much more do-able, easy to pull off and age/body/style appropriate for pretty much everyone. Drumrolls please…If you buy one top this season,... Read More

Summer Suede

Some garments are so basic they go with everything, i.e.: a great pair of jeans, a button-down shirt, and others die a quick death once they hit the masses. We all know, trends come and go, hello crochet!? but sometimes it is actually worth holding onto the good stuff. Case... Read More