October 2014

Consider Breaking The Fashion Rules

Abiding by rules can be limiting, whether at school or at your job, yet with the restrictions come a sense of cohesiveness in our lives. Without those rules, most of us would be lost. The same does not apply to fashion rules which can equate to a pedestrian sartorial existence.... Read More

Inside Chanel: A Fashion Film

Fashion has a way of weaving itself into one’s life dictated by something as simple as our daily rituals. Brands are getting in on the action, creating content in the form of short videos as part of their seasonal advertising campaigns. Some brands are pushing the boundaries with novel narrative... Read More

Kicking the Habit

I might as well face it, I’m addicted to my iPhone. Although I try to let go, the constant stream of information is my digital security blanket. It lights up in the palm of my hand, gives me notifications and likes!, and takes on a life as its own. Why... Read More

Dipped in Blue

Happy Monday! Did this morning’s alarm clock hit you on the head like a hedge hammer? Check. Me too. It is very hard to adjust back to getting up at 7am, pumped and ready for the daily grind when the thermometer hits 40 degrees as a high, to first start... Read More

Sale Time

Just a quick reminder that it’s sale time on one of my favorite sites, SHOPBOP. Whether you’ve been holding out on your favorite basics for the upcoming winter season or lusting over a new bag for the past few months, there’s really no better time to pull the trigger than sale time at 25% off site-wide. Personally,... Read More

The Basics

Fall is here and although this morning’s high of 50 degrees is as chilly as I want it to ever be, consider what is on the horizon. Old Man Winter. Ba humbug. Overall, it’s no fun to look at Fall without seeing a silver lining, which is in this case,... Read More

In My Shopping Cart

Refreshingly down-to-earth or absolutely out of this world, however you take it, Fall is about warming up to new ways to wear last season’s must-haves, and updating with cozy knits, pops of color, slip dresses, and back to the 70’s fringe! Then Normcore was born. And here we are. Here is my hit... Read More

Navy and Black

Deciding to wear a single color from head to toe takes commitment and a dash of daring. There is a reason most women seeking monochromatic outfits immediately gravitate towards an all-black ensemble. The color black does not make mistakes,” said Caroline de Maigret, model and muse, and author of “How to Be... Read More

Transitional Dressing

Transitions are always tough. I can tell you first hand that moving from place to place is hard at first and then quite rewarding. Switching one’s eating habits from caffeinated beverages and sugary confections, to eating raw, healthy, clean food can be quite a challenge. Transitional weather can also be... Read More

Shopbop on Sale

Its another…designer SALE! This time from my favorite online purveyor Shopbop. Click below on the arrows on the right hand side of the photos to see my favorite pics. ON SALE. NOW. GO! Or head to the site here and pick out boots, and all fall styles on sale before... Read More