Designer to Watch: Julia Korol

It’s always a a thrill to be introduced to a the newest crop of young designers, but rare to find one with the hand of a true artist. A great designer informs the way you will want to dress. A great designer can make ripples in the fashion world. A good... Read More

Cheap Thrills

With trends moving in and out faster than you can say “overalls,” it’s important to look inside your closet to ensure your main staples still have prime real estate. As the numerous threads of fashion continue to spin faster and faster by the minute on their looms, we as consumers are absorbed... Read More

The Ultimate Score

Since the tender age of 5, I was told by my parents never to shop retail. The philosophy was simple. Why would they spend full price on an item for me when Marshall’s, the eponymous discount department store, offered the same designer dud for fractions less? Duh. Moving forward, through... Read More

Luxe Velvet

Okay, I’ll admit it. I barely use lipstick on an everyday basis, let alone don a luxury bag. You can usually find me in all types of denim on any given day. This holiday season, try stepping out of the proverbial box by adding a dose of shine to your... Read More

The Countdown is On

In T minus one day, H&M’s highly anticipated Isabel Marant collaboration will drop and after months of waiting, I will be that girl on the queue at 7am on Thursday. With that cup of joe. The biggest question is will the clothes be as cool as the campaign images, or... Read More

Sporting a Fever

In the name of trying to save money for what may be a very costly month as Hannukah draws near, I have turned into a closet shopper. To define it more clearly, a closet shopper is one that might hunt for online sales done surreptitiously in a dark closet, where... Read More

On the Wild Side

I love animal prints as much as the next “80’s Jersey Girl”, but over the past few seasons, my love for the animal motif — which includes, zebra, leopard, fawn, and Dalmatian prints, all of which I have once admired, had expired. Although I might have been over-thinking a trend,... Read More

Dipped in Blue

Baby, its cold outside, and whether you like it or not, you’re body has to stay warm to shield us from the elements. Here’s the thing. As soon as the clocks Fall back, we have no choice but to cloak our bodies from now until March. A thin-blooded animal like me... Read More

While You Were Sleeping

Happy Monday morning! Are you exhausted right now reaching for that third cup of coffee? Blame it on Daylight Savings Time, yup DST. Great if you’re an early riser, terrible when you leave your office and it’s pitch black. But while DST might be a legit excuse to “lose” an hour... Read More

In the City That Never Sleeps

Today on the Fashion Hunter, I want to share some good news with you. First of all, I was featured this week in Bond Magazine  as a style consultant, fashion lover, stylist, and blogger alongside Christine Cameron of My Style Pill on tips of the trade, our favorite shops, and the rules us fashionistas... Read More