September 2013

On Birkenstocks

There was that moment last fall when Celiné showed fluffy Birkenstocks for Spring when a collective sigh rippled through the fashion crowd. It was dubbed a universally “ugly shoe” as soon as the critics could start typing into their MacBooks. But Phoebe Philo’s interpretation always leaves the crowd flummoxed. Can... Read More

From Lanvin: Fashion Firecracker

Shine! Need to inject some brightness into your life? Alber Elbaz at Lanvin is happy to oblige. For spring he offered an audacious display of shine — filled with lamé, satins, Lurex, and brocades— in the form of jumpsuits, gold jackets, blouses, and t-shirts all for our blinding pleasure. Tripping the light fantastic,... Read More

From Dries: Gilt-Edged Gothicism

I had a postmodern break down after the Dries Van Noten’s show in Paris. It has been a long time since I studied Art History in college, and spoke the vernacular of gothic terms like Goya, Velázquez and Zurbarán and that’s what I saw based on’s feed. Muses for... Read More

A Paris Uniform

Today on the Fashion Hunter, I am seeking inspiration from the streets of Paris where spring 2014 shows are happening as we speak, in the form of effortless style. I am always intrigued by what those women are wearing, eating, and how they just have that joie de vivre. I’m not intimating that... Read More

Get Me off the Wait List

There are a few things right now that I would like to call my own. One of them is the new Net-A-Porter mobile app that is an invitation only mobile site. The app called the “The Netbook,” is based on the idea of a diary, a metaphor for the physical... Read More

Time Away From the Tech Toy

In today’s New York Times Style section there was an article titled “Step Away From The Phone!,” that clearly caught my eye. It offers an interesting perspective on the current backlash that technology, and precisely our phones, have on our lives as my daughter Snapchats away. A few examples of New... Read More

Falling In Love with Fall

It’s that time of year again. Post fashion week, my feet still hurt, and recycled summer duds last me throughout the entire month of September. I then retire them and move onto fall clothing, my favorite season. Fall is neither hot nor cold, cool in the morning for a jacket,... Read More

Top Trends for Spring 2014

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, fall has yet begun, and yet I already know what I am planning to wear next spring. Although you might want to call this fashion magic, natch! it’s hand-picking from the front lines, the fringe benefits of studying up and doing my... Read More

Off-Duty Dressing X A Monday Giveaway

Happy Monday! Mondays are a drag that’s why I am giving you a chance to turn the frown upside down and win a cozy cashmere sweater from the fancies at Christopher Fischer. I don’t know about you, but if you’re in the fashion business or are just so into it,... Read More

Fashion Week Report Card

The best way I can describe fashion week to anybody who has never experience the event is that it is like an outrageous Broadway show, the most fabulous party on earth equipped with velvet ropes and a VIP guest list. Actually, besides the VIP guest list, this is clearly untrue. Fashion... Read More