August 2013

Weekend Inspiration

Ahh, Labor Day weekend. A chance to unwind, read, see friends and enjoy the last of summer’s beauty. WIth Fashion Week around the literal corner and kids heading back to classes, I want to just let it go and enjoy the final moments. When life brings challenges, I try to... Read More

Grey Matters

Not everything in life is black and white although we would like to think so. Rather than compartmentalizing everything into two categories, why not accept the fact that not everything is clear-cut and set in stone. Nothing ever ends really. The same can be said for your wardrobe. I love... Read More

What To Wear

An easy way to medicate the mid-week slump is to load up on more than 3 cups of coffee. If you aren’t a caffeinated psycho, go on a shopping spree, or do something crazy like send out Fashion Week requests, or keep it simple and wear some fancy shorts. In... Read More

Oh Miley!

Miley raised quite a few eyebrows, turning off former Hannah Montana fans — including my 13 year-old daughter and her friends, after putting on quite a show at the VMAs last night. More to it than just furry unitards, dry-humping foam fingers, teddy bear backpacks and her long tongue vying for attention,... Read More

End of Summer

Keeping up with current events at the end of August can be taxing and preposterous. From following who will be the next mayoral candidates of New York, to upheavals in Egypt and Iran, birthing Pandas, photos of Baby North, and models suing magnates over getting the herpes virus, it’s probably... Read More


Honestly, one of the scariest things I have ever done was to go on the Kindga Ka roller coaster at Great Adventure, an all-steel whip fast ride that nearly gave me a panic attack, dubbed the world’s tallest roller coaster and the second fastest in the world. Next to that,... Read More

The Shirt Dress

A highly versatile blank canvas, the shirt dress is the perfect end of summer, moving quietly into fall essential. It is essentially an oversized man’s shirt turned into a dress, without the fuss. This is a piece that should exist, in some incarnation, in the wardrobes of every style-conscious woman. No... Read More

Something Navy

Black and white comprise the backbones of my wardrobe. I started collecting black clothes when I moved to New York many years ago, and white has most recently been a refreshing non-color choice for me all summer long. Although ubiquitous color choices for fall, a woman cannot live on black... Read More

Bag Envy

As a break from the weekly Five Foot Summer Series on the Fashion Hunter, my eyes have been going towards the new “It” bags that have been gracing fashion magazines and appeared back in the spring. They suddenly feel so fresh. I am currently taking notes on the graceful beautifully-crafted creation that... Read More

Shake It Up

It’s humid outside. It’s the beginning of August. And whether or not you are vacation-bound, your wardrobe choices may or may not be limited, but your sick of wearing the same uniform of all white and black. If this is the case, and you’re feeling a bit of the fashion blahs,... Read More