Gifts for Him

While I am a master of shopping for myself and my clients, buying gifts for the guys is quite the challenge. Men, unlike women, dress very simply. There are dress shirts, suits, and ties for work, and T-shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts for the weekends. I am quite envious of that very quality, the art of simplicity. Leave it to women, myself included, to shop 24/7 on websites, (buying everything hopefully on sale), and ending up completely overwhelmed as to the slew of options at hand. And what about color choices? The list is endless and guys have it so easy.

But next week is Father’s Day and it’s that time of year again to master to the art of wondering what to buy Daddy dearest. I will not suggest you buy him socks, oh no. He can always buy a pair on his own. Facing this fête head on, I surveyed men on the street and on my life, and came up with this enviable assortment of gifts that will make a fabulous Father’s Day. Happy Shopping!


Collage created by Carina Gupta 

Get him The Art of Shaving Kit in Lavender and upgrade his morning ritual with The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™. With unique blends of botanical ingredients and 100 percent pure essential oils, these shave-perfecting formulas are ideal for men with sensitive and normal-to-dry skin, ingrown hair, razor burn, or tough beards. And to boot, he will smell good. For the cool dad, I dig these Maui Jim polarized sunglasses for those harmful UV rays. iHip IP-KNOB-PR purple headphones for the metro sexual guy who totally loves music and purple. For the working dad, get him a rocking tie from Mr PorterEveryone has a smart phone, even my dad, as most men love gadgets. Keep those protected with this Jack Spade iPhone case with googly eyes because eyes are the mirror to the soul. Soon enough we will all be wearing Google glasses, so we might as well poke fun of it while we can.

Vans everyday street shoe for the dad (dude) who is wanna be surfer/cool/super stylish in charcoal grey. For the real down-to-earth sporty dad, who actually doesn’t give a honk about fashion, how about this extra-large khaki bucket hatThis is one of those gifts that you know will either get used on every adventurous trip that he takes, or will be shoved in some back closet only to never to be found again. And finally, if Dad just doesn’t like gifts, tickets to your favorite baseball game will more than suffice. Sorry Mets Fans, I come from Yankee blood.

Hubba Hubba.

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