June 2013

On My List

I found this bracelet pop up in a photo gallery yesterday, and I am craving its easy simplicity. Reminiscent of the renewed sense of modesty that marched down the runways in Paris, I want to wear it as a statement choker this summer. Styled with a simple white dress, summer dressing doesn’t... Read More

Lone Ranger

Dressing in the summer in anything that is not going to stick to you, be smelly and revolting by end of the day, is a hard act to follow. In extreme heat, high heel sandals promote blisters and stepping in whatever is vile, and Havianas are no better (albeit more comfortable).... Read More

All White

Summer has arrived, and the city is bloody hot. Just in time for the heat wave, I was looking for the perfect dress and I think I found it. Lightweight and intended as a coverup, this will keep me cool and ready to take on a New York summer. Catch... Read More

Tie it On

Historically speaking, gladiator sandals symbolize the style of shoe or boot that gets wrapped around an ankle or a calf harking back to the ancient Romans trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals. In today’s context, although you can consider New York a jungle of sorts,... Read More

Summer Jewelz

Although the official start of the summer isn’t for a few days, it’s getting hot outside. I know this because I changed my outfit a few times yesterday, forfeited the use of anything other than a lightweight dress as the infestation of sweat glands permeated my clothing. If my clothes... Read More

On Graduation

There’s a disease that takes over college and even high school seniors every year. It’s not fatal and in some instances not even harmful — but, see, the trouble is that it can be. What is it, you ask? Senioritis. It’s that seasonal phenomenon when seniors everywhere are literally counting down... Read More

Day to Night

As I was putting together a day into night outfit this week, I wanted a casual look for day that would seamlessly transition into a chic evening look with a nod to the coolness factor. I first thought of the multiple uses of this particular white cut-out eyelet shirt that I... Read More

Time Out

Life in 2013 is advanced and challenging enough, it doesn’t ease the pain that people worldwide operate on totally different time zones. Unless you are a world traveler, it is not that important to know what time it is in Sydney, or Hong Kong, but how many times a day... Read More

Gifts for Him

While I am a master of shopping for myself and my clients, buying gifts for the guys is quite the challenge. Men, unlike women, dress very simply. There are dress shirts, suits, and ties for work, and T-shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts for the weekends. I am quite envious of that... Read More

Chasing The Sun

Knowing what I know now about the sun and just how damaging the sun’s rays are for your skin, I would not have planted myself on a lounge chair, lathered myself with Baby Oil and placed a layer of tin foil under my chin, frying like a piece of bacon.... Read More