May 2013

The Thrill

Oscar de la Renta Gladia cutout leather sandals Photo: Shop.trendland Today in things that make me go hmmm!  — we discuss the virtues of sandals on Net-A-Porter that resemble lace made with intricate cutouts. Do you ever get caught in the black hole of sales and find that you can’t pull... Read More

Holy Sale!

I found myself endlessly searching the black hole of Nordstrom and ShopBop last night as Memorial Day weekend is the tell-tale sign that spring clothing are on sale and its time to invest in their discounted wares. It was a far less cerebral experience than watching Hangover III, and then... Read More

Summer Lovin

It’s always on Memorial Day weekend that I reflect back on past summers. I wonder if they were everything I had imagined they would be. Did I check off my goals (See: books read, surfing lessons accomplished, drinks inhaled, Panama hats worn, friendships renewed, sunscreen bottles used)? Or, were my... Read More


A trend that seems to be all the rage this spring is black and white. Aside from simple black and white patterns, black and white stripes are so chic. Timeless, the classic combo of black and white has been paired together since the 1960’s see: striped or checked shifts, polka... Read More

Almost Summer

Summer is about to happen on a calendar near you and here’s the seasonal conquest for most of us: lighter hair and darker skin. Ah, can’t you smell it? Barbecues. The ocean  waves luring you in the ice-cold waters? Retrospectively speaking, I thought back to all that time I spent... Read More

Get Framed

Warby Parker sunglasses Going head-on into summer, although mother nature doesn’t want to agree, we are nearing beach days, sand dunes, and possibly hammocks. Gone are the socks, the formal affairs, the heavy layers. Bright sunshine is a big part of this equation and protecting your eyes, while letting loose... Read More

Utility Dressing

What should be the easiest part of everyone’s day ie: getting dressed in the morning, is sometimes the hardest. Getting dressed is actually a real pain. Matching, styling, digging through your closet — especially at a way-too-early morning hour. Luckily, this spring’s hottest denim trend comes in one easy piece:... Read More

Adorn Me

I’ve never wanted to get additional ear piercings, because I was too afraid I’d regret it later, never had the desire for unnecessary pain by needle, and wasn’t that into punk. Frankly, I have a hard time drawing attention to the side of my head, namely my hairline. But it... Read More

A Spring Uniform

Spring’s performance has been less than stellar of late and now that it is finally May, and not much has changed in the weather department over these past few weeks, (okay we had one warm day), its time to break out the classics; the boyfriend jeans, the blazer, and the... Read More

Mother’s Day

I recently asked a handful of the chicest moms I know to tell me about their dream Mother’s Day gifts. The common theme? Jewelry, homemade breakfast in bed, and some sleep. I can totally relate to that and the older my kids get, the more I just want the sleep portion... Read More