February 2013

Fashion Follies From Milan

In spite of geographical separation, (New York is almost 4,000 miles away from Milan), I consider myself lucky that I am able to watch the shows across the pond live-stream every morning on Sitting at my desk, I have an unobstructed vantage point, being able to finally see the... Read More

What I Wore

Fashion Week is anything but boring. It is comforting to know that we are living in a never-changing cycle of fast fashion and that will always remain the same. With the ongoing debate in the press (see: Suzy Menkes’ article “The Circus of Fashion” in T magazine where the new poseurs... Read More

Slouchy Beanies

Yesterday I tweeted that I once I find something on my hunt for fashionable finds, it no longer appeals to me as a purchase, but rather the thrill of the hunt itself that is so satisfying. Like a predator that feeds on its prey, an animal finally gets their plat... Read More

Beanie Hunting: Street Style edition

Contrary to popular belief, the beanie has never eclipsed. The now ubiquitous hat, seen all over the streets in cities likes New York, London, and even gasp, suburbia!, is very similar in nature to comfort food. In colder climes, you know it feels good to eat oatmeal, so you keep... Read More

NYFW: Take A Trip Around the World

It is always right after Fashion week that I reflect on the amazement and  all the hoopla and circumstance that takes place during the shows. The designers spend umpteen amounts of money on a full-fledged production, clothes are fitted (or not) on waif-like models, the venue is secured, playlist ready,... Read More

In the Pink

Perfectly timed to Valentine’s Day, anything you pluck from the photos down below would be perfect for a date. There were a number of Fall ’13 collections that came full of  sweet surprises. Sugary sweet cotton candy giveaways? I wish, as I am craving everything sugary just about now. How... Read More

Weekend Warriors From NYFW

The fashion week deduction thus far, is that color is a thing of the past. For now, its black, and white, and 50 shades in between. Sometimes, it’s a colorful splash of orange or red, or even a neutral camel thrown in for good measure. See below looks from Rag... Read More

Treacherous Conditions

As Day 6 of Fashion Week rears its head, I’m sick of talking about the weather. On Friday, as fears of Nemo were building, schools closed, flights got cancelled, and all the divas attending the shows were subsequently worried about their lack of shoe choices. A shoe hoarder/lover myself, I... Read More

Day Two NYFW, From the Trenches

Maybe it was the killer blizzard that tried to put a damper on Fashion week when the designers worried about retrieving samples, fashionistas panicked about their lack of shoe choices, but it was the main subject line at Lincoln Center and Milk. What would the impending snow mean for the... Read More

NYFW Days 0 and 1

Days 0 and 1 of Fashion Week’s catwalk kicked off with kick-ass presentations and shows in new venues (see: Eyebeam, Highline Stages), that have me rest assured that my eye for deducing trends quickly (see: wild combinations of fur, leather over-the-knee boots, and beanies everywhere) have been on target. This... Read More