January 2013

Soul Cycles

Vogue January 2013 What is it about women and shoes? A psychological obsession, women abide by Fashion Rule #1, “You can never have enough shoes.” Carrie Bradshaw would certainly be proud. The minute a shoe becomes “hot,” on websites, on a runway, celebs, and/or on a fashion blog, massive crowds... Read More

Mellow Yellow

January, typically a bleak grey month in the Northeast, is a time to get back to work, hit the gym, eat comforting foods, bundle up, and get much-needed Vitamin D. If I could get my daily dose of sun, I would head to Australia for a month, and drink that... Read More

A Blank Page

On the most auspicious day of the year to take a yoga class, it was the un-asana-filled New Year’s Day experience that was one of the most challenging classes I ever up-dogged through. Physically challenging whilst upside down in a head stand, yes. But it was more than that. It was... Read More