November 2012

Keeping Warm

I find all the commotion about what’s hot in-store exhausting. Not to be a Scrooge as end-of-year festivities come rolling around, but all I want to do is get out of my skinny jeans, into my PJ’s and shop online. And that as we all know, is not a possibility.... Read More

Generation Who?

Photo: Jak & Jill  Coined Generation X, I am living the “ironic” life of a Generation Y-er, while parenting children that are proud members of Generation Z, the iGeneration, or the Net Generation. I read a very provocative online article in last week’s New York Times Oped Section titled How to... Read More

Deals of the Day

  Today is the antithesis of Black Friday, there are no banging of doors required, no lines to cut, no 5AM wake-up calls. Just a simple click of your mouse, will take you to the glorious sales that are happening right now on the world-wide web. The greatest thing about... Read More

On Sale!

If there is one time of year, you can stay in your PJ’s and be as lazy as sin, it’s today. Perfect to nurse your post-Thanksgiving pumpkin pie hangover, it’s the best way to fight against reality, avoid all human contact, and hunker down. Today, which is also Small Business Saturday, and on some sites... Read More

Giving Thanks

The flood of recent emails asking “When is a good time to get together for dinner, a drink, a gingerbread latte?” signifies the end of the year is near. My graceful return to the oven signifies an apple pie is baking, sweet potatoes are roasting, or a big bird is... Read More

Boyish Charm

Fashion, a constantly moving target, regularly swings between celebrating sexless and childlike looks vs. voluptuous and womanly curves. Currently, vibing in the tomboy vein, I have been channeling basics in navy, black, and gray in their most simplistic form, pants and shorts in their unisex variety, and pin-straight hair, all... Read More


I am a sucker for sample sales. My inbox gets flooded this time of year with a slew of invites from designer showrooms and I have to edit which ones will make the cut. For me and countless others, the designer sample sale is a time to snag the trend... Read More

Fast Fashion

Our closets house our most prized possessions from that vintage Gucci bag your mom bought you over 10 years ago, to the designer frocks that we take the utmost care of. Our closets should be a safe haven where you find what you love, whether old or new, that fill... Read More

A Splash of Paint

ALDO McCamish Printed Pointed shoes by ASOS, J Brand jeans I took this picture last week right before the Hurricane hit, on a sunny day, in my boyfriend jeans, when the leaves were falling hard from the trees. I was hoping to put this up on my site for a “how to... Read More


As I type this, I am using the power of the Internet, something I no longer take for granted. Plenty of people across the Northeastern region are still devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. The destruction and disruption to countless lives is beyond belief. My heart... Read More