October 2012

In Disguise

I almost forgot how to type. Sandy and all her devious plans to drown Manhattan and the Northeastern seaboard has kept me off the internet grid making these past few days challenging to say the least. I basically got away unscathed, but for a few flickering lights and down trees,... Read More

Oh Sandy!

In the words of Danny Zuko “Oh Sandy, oh why, why why?” Why are you slamming into NYC and destroying homes, disrupting transportation, and basically screwing up everything across the Northeastern Seaboard right about now? Today on the Fashion Hunter, I am sending all my thoughts and prayers to those who... Read More

Has It Expired?

Milk, as we all know, has an expiration date. It says so right on the box in bold black letters. So, should beauty products, words, and fashion be stamped with an expiration date as well, indicating that they have a limited shelf life? We know celebrities have an extremely short existence... Read More

No.3 Pencil

In line with Monday’s enthusiastic post about pencil skirts, I felt compelled to present a collage that would paint one pencil skirt in three different ensembles based on the look you want to create. In case you haven’t cleaned out your closet and purged, it’s never too late. Peruse this post... Read More

Pencil It In

Last week I caught a compelling documentary called Ethel, a blow-by-blow story about Ethel Kennedy, wife of RFK, and a Hollywood-starlet. Ethel was irreverent, fearless, funny, and famously fecund. What struck me most in the film, was not only the fearlessness that persevered throughout her career as a mother of... Read More

Red Light

The color red always come around to haunt me this time of year, and it is about time I give red another chance. Admittedly, I’ve never liked red, nor worn much red (my closet speaks for itself) but when these Thakoon Red Metallic Crisscross Pumps came upon my desk last... Read More

Make Me Up

Striking purple glitterized The eyes have it. I really haven’t delved deep into the beauty department, besides a few hair braids and bold red lips from the runways. This is most likely because I am not a big makeup fan myself, assembling my face in five minutes or less, yet trying... Read More

Phat Hats

“If you could be a hat which one would you be?’ After many weeks of looking down at the southern regions at the spring shows, I feel it is the perfect time to take a look at what goes on above the eye. Its mid-October, starting to get cold outside, and now is... Read More

Shoe Wars

On a recent trip to the shoe selection in my closet, I noticed an abundance of brogues, sneakers, and comfy heels– a trend that I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. All the pointy-toe shoes and boots that I used to covet, have developed claustrophobia, waiting patiently in their storage... Read More

Stripped Down

Thinking about what to wear in this fickle October? I am starting to believe that transitional weather is just the time where we wonder–denim jacket? Sweater? Socks, Tee-shirt? BTW, they are all great options when weather patterns go from 80 degrees down 50 in just 24 hours. The script on... Read More