September 2012

Dries Von Noten: The Master of Grunge Couture

If you could imagine a fierce collection built solely on the masculine/feminine dynamic, Dries Von Noten has the master plan. Filled with contradictions like grunge-inspired plaids and tartans, integrated with sweet feminine lace and shantung, Dries Von Awesome, so he is named, is just that, and always presents the unexpected, the... Read More

Are You Checked In?

Take a look around you — on the morning coffee line at Starbucks, at the airport, and now, in New York’s underground… in the subway. Odds are huge that everybody is staring at their glowing smartphones, not having a conversation. According to CNN‘s recent poll, 42% of people use their... Read More

This and That

I am so glad to see the fickle month of September. Yesterday I was wearing a short shirt and sipping iced coffee, and today, I have on a wool sweater armed with a hot cocoa. This schizophrenic weather is Fall’s surprise. The days are still warm, the nights are downright... Read More

The Power of Prada

If there’s one designer that can dictate the direction that fashion will turn, its Miuccia Prada. Turning all heads, she sets the trends, and we as writers, editors, stylists, and consumers, are often in awe of the outcome. Dozens of imitators admire her collections, therefore funneling her “pinspirations” (Prada imitations)... Read More

LFW: On The Streets

The truth lies within who you are wearing. Or does it? Mere days after New York Fashion Week has ended– the in-crowd already attending shows in London and Milan– there have been some quips in the industry about street style photography, who is qualified to get their picture taken, and why.... Read More

What I Wore

Here we are, wrapping up the week that was NY Fashion Week Spring 2013. Down below is an assemblage of outfits, a public service announcement, on what I wore last week. It is a brief selection from the inner working of my closet, taken from my iPhone, scrambled together to... Read More

NYFW Part Two: The Long and Hot Pants of It

Heading onto the West Side last week, I was talking to one of my editor friends about fashion week in general and what her favorite shows were so far. She didn’t surprise me when she said Rag and Bone, as that show was one of my favorites as well. The desgining duo of... Read More

Let the Fashion Games Begin

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s a video worth? In case you did ever wonder what the definition of “getting ready for Fashion Week” really means. In the throes of Day 4, today is my birthday!, I will be heading to the tents for some more... Read More