August 2012

In the Mix

Givenchy Pansy Print Clutch. Get a similar one here. See this Christopher Kane leopard-print clutch. Photo by Tommy Ton Some of the wildest prints out in the fashion jungle come straight from mother nature. And from Paris. This photo caught my eye yesterday as I was perusing the other jungle, the wild... Read More

Dispelling the Myth: Wearing White after LD

With the official end of summer just around the corner, it’s like somebody just ripped that bikini right off my body. Do I have to pick up my body off the beach, send the kids back to school, get back to work? Yes. Pack up those summer whites? NO. Today... Read More

Love Letters

The emblematic monograms that have been spotted on sweaters, shirts, necks, ears, and other body parts are Fall’s playful nod to collegiate culture. When the initial in question, is splattered all over oneself, it invites the viewer to get to know you on a first-name basis. At first, when I... Read More

Wide Leg, Part Deux

What’s skin-tight and gives you a laundry list of side effects that read like this: lower back-pain, cut-off leg circulation, nerve compression and gives you cameltoe? Yes, this is a quiz, not a pharmaceutical commercial. Give up? Nothing, in the lower region of your body, this coming season. I really thought... Read More

Big Pants

“Are you wearing that?”, my counterpart asked as we were stepping out for the evening. “Why? Don’t you like it?” Crickets. No, it wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction, it was my pants. #Supes Hein. The drop crotch that was drooping from my butt was, to the untrained eye, very unattractive. After... Read More

Silver Streaks

Many designers as well as some Olympiads have dipped into gold, as you saw from my Olympic post last week, but steely silver doesn’t have to take a back seat. A silver metal isn’t any worse than a gold in my book, as it shines, glimmers, and it plays the same reflecting... Read More

On the Rocks

Just when you got yourself in a summer groove, Fall lurks around the corner. But who says, you can’t take the spirit of endless summer home with you? Of course for us New Yorkers, endless summer means hot, humid, or unsure or when it wants to be downright nasty. On... Read More

The Gold Medal

On Day 12, we are more than halfway through the Olympic Games, but the excitement is not waning. With Thunder Thighs, (Those thighs, btw are trending right now) Gymnastics, Beach Volleyball, and Track and Field fever reaching an all-time high, the Wow Factor for me, and maybe for you too,... Read More


I was never one to get on the running-sneaker-as-fashion bandwagon as I actually was Melanie Griffith’s character in Working Girl back in the late 80’s when I commuted back and forth to my office. As soon as I exited that door, those heels were swapped out for kicks, a quick... Read More