April 2012

Sheer bliss

Thanks to the Fall and Spring runways, not to mention street style, sheer fabrics are having a moment. Sheer usually means it is practically see-through, intimating that you are going to need to wear something underneath. This trend popped up during Fashion Week in Paris at a number of collections such... Read More

White Out

Givenchy shoes Not every shoe is created equal. I asked my trustworthy friend who happens to be an expert cobbler with over 40 years of experience fixing, making, and caring for shoes, what she thought of these feet candy. She wholeheartedly agreed that they are Genius with a capital G.... Read More

The 31 minute bag

Andy Warhol said we will all be famous for 15 minutes. When your 15 minutes arrives what will you be wearing? Pajama jeans or an updated silver Tinman-esque sleek out-of-an-editorial look book cool acid-blue clutch? I would rather the latter thank you very much, and be admired for its sartorial splendor and my fabulous... Read More

Craving Cat-eyes

Ready to rock out in a new pair of sunnies? Sunnies is most definitely a fake word that I found out whilst reading my Instagram and Twitter feeds, and  fashionable blogs like The Glamourai and I am not sure I even like it. It’s sunny, so what?  Even so, it... Read More

Beach Days

Fashion credits: Le Soleil dress,  Serpui Marie bag, Sensi Studio hat Borgioni skull bracelet, Chan Luu bracelets, Alexander McQueen bracelet, King Baby bracelet, Canfora sandals.  So glad to see spring’s fickle self again. Saturday I was wearing nothing but a tee shirt and shorts, and today’s high after yesterday’s soaker, is barely ... Read More

Many shades of blue

Although we first caught blue mania back in the summer of 08 and 09, blue is back again. Only this time the blue trend won’t be limited exclusively to turquoise. With the solstice upon us, the blue sky and its infinite palette beckon. This summer, all shades of blue are fair game and... Read More

French women get it right

If I could only wear one thing for Spring, I think it would have to be  a bandeau stripes. I am pretty obsessed with the Parisienne way of dressing, with their chic everyday style and the je ne sais quoi way about them. Now, not every French woman is the epitome of chic, but many... Read More

Saturday inspiration

Photo: The Sartorialist This brilliant photo came onto my desktop yesterday and it was sooo good, so unexpected, I felt compelled to share its sartorial awesomeness with you. Its the perfect juxtaposition between military urban mixed with girly girl. A hunter green military overall from the 80’s needs to be in my... Read More

Purse change

A schlepper (the yiddush word to haul or carry) of sorts, I am always the lucky one with Tylenol, Purell, lipstick, 2 phones, keys, a printed iCal, gum, battery chargers, a spare pair of shoes, bottles of water, and the manual on how to use it all. As a mom... Read More

In shoe news

So many shoes, so little money time. As a busy blogger, fashion stylist, and mom, it is challenging to walk around in 5-inch heels all day without feeling the pain on my feet and occasionally, in my wallet. My new way of shopping, which is very beneficial, is when I... Read More