Dark Florals

dark florals

dark florals

dark florals

A. L. C. top

A Gold E denim high rise

Gucci belt

Stuart Weitzman sandals

Cult Gaia bag

I am having a love affair with edgy florals. In the summertime, wearing an all-white palette feels so fresh and vibrant colors match the season. Sticking to these guidelines help streamline the process of getting dressed. When mid-August arrives, I start looking through my current wardrobe favs from past seasons and add or subtract depending on much room I have in my closet. I have so many stripes and solids therefore I don’t need to add. Starting to purge my closet now to get ready for fall feels so good. I am currently craving dark florals that add that touch of fall. I don’t want to kill summer yet, we still have a few solid weeks left!

How to Wear Dark Florals

Darker, richer, moodier — I appreciate florals much more in fall than spring. They have a romantic with a tragic twist vibe that feels straight out of a dark fairytale, and perfect for fall. They feel darker, more mysterious, and loan an edge especially in all black. I paired this A.L.C. top with an old pair of black jeans and added a heel. This is the perfect evening look for going out in the fall.

dark florals

floral top

moon and stars necklace

dark florals

Photos: Brian J. Greene